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Tawar motor Driving is 15 year old school and we are the largest one in NCR. Getting a driver's license is easy but being a safe driver is very difficult. At Advance Driving School our most important objective is to train drivers who are safe and confident. Our unique way of teaching will help you learn to drive safely and with confidence in only 2 lessons.

Tawar motor Driving our trainers are more than expert at car driving. With a special talent, they are people who have a way with people FRIENDLY, RESPONSIVE, DEDICATED. Your trainee is committed not just to teach driving but also to apply your training to a specific area of interest. Tawar motor Driving aims in giving supreme coaching to its learners so that the Learner becomes a fully confident driver on completion of the course.

"Tawar motor Driving we have the proficiency and the tolerance that is necessary to prepare a novice / experienced driving student to become a safe and confident driver" read more...

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